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Domain Registraton

The first step to Get Online and establish your web presence is having a Domain Name.  A Domain Name is required so you can have your own email addresses and setup a website so people can view your company on the internet and in search engines. We can help you find and register your Domain.

Web/Email Hosting

The second step to Get Online and create your web presence is to have web and email hosting.  This provides you with webspace to upload your website too and an email service that allows you to send and receive emails using your Domain Name. We can organise your web/email hosting for you.

Web Design

After you have your Domain Name and your hosting is set up we can design your website for you.  We have standard packages for you to choose from.  From single page up to an e-commerce shop and more complex websites, all fully optimised. We can help you design the website you want.

Website Maintenance

The final step is the ongoing maintenance.  If you have a WordPress website then it will need to be maintained regularly.  Regular maintenance ensures that your site is fully up to date and protected. We can help protect your website with regular maintenance

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